Meet our vendors!

Laura Day: iaera surf

Laura is smiling in a headshot against a wood fence

Laura's brand, iaera surf began after she felt inspired to create a rash guard for the female body that didn't ride up while surfing. A seamstress herself, Laura has grown her San Diego based brand to support all women, all sizes, surfing waves all over the world!

iaera surf produces 100% of her line locally in San Diego, reduces waste by small batch production methods and ships in eco-friendly & plastic-free packaging. iaera surf's newest collection features fabric from recycled bottles & deadstock fabric.

Courtney Michael: Coural Care 

Courney was inspired to start Coural Care after she was diagnosed with melanoma at 19. Knowing she needed to step up her sun protection routine, she struggled to find skincare products that worked with her mild eczema, rosacea, acne, and acne scars. Wanting a product that worked with her skin and unwilling to give up her on her ethical and environmental qualities, she launched her own skincare line.

Coural Care is made sustainably in the United States, with all natural, vegan ingredients. All products are consciously packaged, using minimal plastic, and refill options are available. Coural Care products are certified cruelty free (Leaping Bunny) and produced in small batches to reduce waste.

Victoria Durand: Wave Woman

Vicky Durand's first book; Wave Women: The Life and Struggles of a Surfing Pioneer shares the untold story of her mother, Betty Heldreich, a female surfing pioneer in Hawaii. When reflecting on her own life, Vicky realized her greatest influence was her dynamic mother, a women who navigated her life with joyful passion and believed anything exciting was worth trying at least once. This thoughtful biography is a love letter from a daughter to her progressive mother, a woman who broke glass ceilings with curiosity and desire. 

Wave Women inspires human connection to the ocean by sharing the story of a true water woman. 

Kristina Young: Peace of Wood

Kristina's store, Peace of Wood was founded in Ocean City, New Jersey. It began as a husband and wife collaboration, and still is to this day! Kristina's art is inspired by her husband's woodworking skills and many of her pieces are done on beach wood, highlighting the beauty of our oceans.

Peace of Wood is shipped using eco-friendly shipping materials, all garments are made in the USA using eco-friendly production processes, and many of Kristina's art pieces are created on recycled ocean wood. 

Corinna Dickenbrok: Vanilla Sand

Corinna's brand, Vanilla Sand is inspired by the beaches of Portugal and Brazil. Corinna is from Germany and launched her ocean-friendly bikini brand after receiving a sustainable fashion degree in Portugal.   

Vanilla Sand swimwear is made from recycled pre & post ocean waste called Econyl or biodegradable nylon (like fishing nets). All Vanilla Sand pieces are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), PETA vegan approved, and under fairtrade® regulations handmade by Brazilian and Portuguese artisans.

Cathy Tran + David Phan: Huppy

Cathy and David's brand, Huppy is an oral care company based California. They are both ocean-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts and were inspired to find an easy way to reduce single-use plastic in everyday routines. Their launch product, toothtabs, revolutionizes toothpaste as it avoids the use of wasteful, non-recyclable toothpaste tubes. Now that's something to be Huppy about!
Huppy's toothtabs are made sustainably in California, with all natural ingredients. Zero plastic is used in the packaging, shipping and production. They come in compostable packages, that you can literally throw in your garden! 

Ashley Norris & Jess Lowcher: Tribe of Daughters

Tribe of Daughters was started after Ashley’s oldest daughter had begun to show an interest in surfing but was nervous about getting hurt. As Ashley is a professor in Early Childhood Education, she searched for books with main characters and storylines that her daughter would find relatable and inspire her to get into the water. Frustrated after not finding any, she contacted her sister Jess to see if she would be interested in illustrating Queenie Wahine. The rest was herstory!
Tribe of Daughters inspires young girls to face their fears in water and on land. By inspiring young girls to connect with the ocean, Tribe of Daughters increases ocean-awareness and empowerment in the next generation. 

Maxine Chapman & Nikki Remmel: SurfDurt 

Nikki and Maxine's sunscreen, SurfDurt began after they realized that 90% of the sunscreens on the market are extremely toxic to coral reefs. So toxic in fact, that one drop of sunscreen can damage up to 6 olympic-sized swimming pools! With help from Max's dad, a Ph.D chemist/surfer they created the nano-zinc oxide sunscreen. They come in small quantities, but trust us when we say... they last forever! Long enough for a full day of surf, and perfect for traveling. 
Surfdurt is an all natural, reef-safe sunscreen and contains the safest possible active ingredients to protect ocean-lovers from the sun! SurfDurt is packaged using aluminum and bamboo- two of earth's most regenerative materials! 

Jessica Boynton: Hakuna Wear

Jessica began Hakuna Wear after years of dreaming about launching her own brand. The idea for her swim line occurred after going on her first tropical surf trip and realizing that none of her surf-wear had pockets to bring money or hold keys. Hakuna Wear means no worries, because you have a pocket for your keys, you’re in recycled material, and your suit stays put no matter how wild you get!

Hakuna Wear is made using recycled plastic bottles, eco-friendly neoprene alternatives, and a ding repair policy to extend the life of the surf wear. All prints are printed with sublimation printing to reduce water and dye use, and packaged using recycled materials. Best of all, a percentage of your purchase is donated to projects that support the community!

Stacy Johnson: Stacia Inc.

Stacy launched Stacia in 1998 out of her Brooklyn apartment after receiving her BFA degree in Fashion Design from Parson’s School of Design in NYC. Wanting to make purposeful clothing for her clients directly instead of designing for the masses, Stacy diverged from the traditional route of wholesaling a collection to department stores and instead opened a small boutique. A slow fashion brand from the start, Stacy was further inspired to shift both her brand and lifestyle to become more ocean-friendly when she moved to California with her family and taught herself how to surf.

Stacia is designed in the United States and all products are consciously packaged, and using minimal plastic. All Stacia products are produced in small batches to reduce waste.

Kristen Deuel: Betty Butter

 Kristen was inspired to start Betty Butter to condition her hair and skin after extended hours in the sun surfing. Wanting a multi-functional, all-natural formula that was good for both hair and skin as well as mother ocean, Betty Butter was born.

Betty Butter is multifunctional product, made for both skin and hair, that is reef-safe and made with all natural ingredients. It is produced, packaged, and shipped from California using plastic-free packaging and compostable shipping materials.

Danielle Lapointe: Green Room Body Co.

Dani was inspired to launch Green Room Body Co. after a van surf trip to Baja, Mexico. Realizing much of what she put on her skin and hair went directly into the ocean, she recognized the need for ocean-friendly, sustainably packaged, and travel friendly body care products.

All Green Room Body Co. products are marketed exactly as they are; no gimmicks, no greenwashing, no unrealistic expectations. The bars are made with natural, plant and mineral based ingredients, and packaged using post consumer recycled plantable boxes (you can actually plant them in your front yard!).